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Dream a Little Dream of Me

Artie Abrams
14 September
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Name: Artie Abrams
Fandom: Glee
Occupation: Student
Physical description: A paraplegic after an car accident when he was eight, Artie is always in his wheelchair. He has brown hair, heavy black glasses, and, well, has limited fashion sense - dressing in vests, suspenders, or a bow tie.
Canon point of entry to Haurvatat: After 2x05, The Rocky Horror Glee Show. (For all other communities, he's currently up to the latest screened episode)

About this journal: I play Artie both as high school, and college age. Mundane is a hardcore Tartie shipper, but is open to verses and willing to explore other friendships/relationships. Both mun and muse are over eighteen (finally!).

This journal is for entertainment purposes only, and no copyright infringement is intended. No profit is being made from it. Glee is owned by Fox, and the character of Artie is played by the wonderful Kevin McHale.

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